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Eclipse launcher for VisualVM

The Eclipse launcher for VisualVM is an Eclipse plugin to make monitoring and profiling Eclipse projects using VisualVM more convenient to the IDE users. It starts the VisualVM tool along with the monitored application and automatically opens the application tab after VisualVM startup.

Note: The Eclipse launcher for VisualVM supports VisualVM 1.1 and newer, it won't work correctly with the older tool releases.



  • Eclipse 3.6+
    1. Unzip the archive into directory of your choice
    2. Add local update site pointing to the chosen directory
    3. Install VisualVM Launcher Feature
  • Eclipse 3.5
    1. Unzip the archive into your Eclipse installation directory


Go to Run/Debug-Launching-VisualVM Configuration preferences section
Here you can modify:

  • JDK Home to be used by VisualVM (needs to be a JDK, not JRE)
  • The path to VisualVM executable (VisualVM 1.1+ is supported)


  1. Create a new application configuration
  2. Choose the "VisualVM Launcher" as the application launcher
  3. Run/Debug the application with the created configuration to have VisualVM started automatically
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