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This page lists all previously presented articles, documents and blog posts related to VisualVM from all around the Web. To see the latest links please navigate to VisualVM frontpage. If you know about some interesting resource which should be linked here, please let us know on a mailing list.

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On The Web

[en] May 9th, 2011VisualVM for Java Development , Java VisualVM review on the Dr. Dobbs's Blog.
[en] Dec 7th, 2010Using VisualVM with IBM JDK, a quick tip on the Thirdstage's Blog.
[de] Nov 30th, 2010VisualVM 1.3.x statt Eclipse TPTP?, tracer probes as an alternative to Eclipse TPTP by Thomas Muchs.
[en] Nov 24th, 2010Monitoring JRuby on Rails with VisualVM, visual demo by Charles Nutter.
[en] Nov 20th, 2010Real-Time Charts on the Java Desktop, using VisualVM charts in Swing applications by Geertjan Wielenga.
[en] Nov 19th, 2010Chart Library for NetBeans Platform Applications?, using VisualVM charts by Geertjan Wielenga.
[en] Sep 3rd, 2010Using VisualVM to fix live Tomcat and JVM problems, analyzing performance problems on the /dev/tty blog.
[en] Jul 20th, 2010Profile an OSGi application with VisualVM, profiling setup by Baptiste Wicht.
[en] Jul 13th, 2010Profile your applications with Java VisualVM, tool overview by Baptiste Wicht.
[en] Jul 9th, 2010Browsing Memory the JRuby Way, analyzing JRuby application heap using jmap, jhat and VisualVM by Charles Nutter.
[en] Jun 8th, 2010VisualGC plugin, VisualVM, GC visualization mentioned on the My Note on Solutions blog.
[en] Apr 15th, 2010Using free VisualVM tool to monitor running ColdFusion Servers, configuration steps on BonCode blog.
[en] Nov 30th, 2009VisualVM - a neat little tool for Java profiling, using VisualVM on Mac OS X on the Mete's Blog.
[en] Nov 22nd, 2009Fusion Middleware - PermGen memory issues, debugging JVM arguments on the Oracle Apps Blog.
[en] Nov 20th, 2009Monitoring Tomcat with Java VisualVM, article by Matthew Woodward
[en] Oct 21st, 2009VisualVM 1.2 Adds Powerful New Performance and Memory Profiler, release announcement on DZone.
[en] Oct 8th, 2009Running VisualVM through an ssh tunnel with SOCKS, configuration steps on the Skiinfo Labs blog.
[en] Sep 26th, 2009VaaS - VisualVM as a Service, tech tip by Kaar Megam.
[en] Aug 24th, 2009Five VisualVM Myths Demystified, misunderstandings explained on The NetBeans Profiler Blog.
[en] Aug 20th, 2009Using VisualVM, BTrace & Good Old Web Search, article by Emilian Bold.
[en] Jul 30th, 2009How to Navigate to VisualVM Sources, tip for plugin developers by Geertjan Wielenga.
[en] Jul 25th, 2009VisualVM remote application monitoring through SSH proxy, guide on WebSphere Help, Tips & Tricks blog.
[en] Jul 23rd, 2009VisualVM - a great Java tool you were waiting for!, tool overview by Przemysław Bielicki.
[en] Jul 23rd, 2009Two Tricks On Using VisualVM, useful tips on The NetBeans Profiler Blog.
[en] Apr 17th, 2009Visual GC Plugin for VisualVM, using the plugin to analyze GC by Kim LiChong.
[en] Apr 4th, 2009Analyzing Memory Leak in Java Applications using VisualVM, article by Rejeev Divakaran.
[en] Apr 2nd, 2009Heap Dump Analysis, Cocoon memory usage analysis by Dominic Mitchell.
[en] Feb 23rd, 2009Visual GC Plugin 2.0 for VisualVM, plugin description on The NetBeans Profiler Blog.
[en] Feb 9th, 2009Investigating OOM and other JVM issues, tools overview by Mark Miller.
[en] Feb 4th, 2009Enabling JMX for Tomcat running as a Windows service, tech tip on Java-Monitor.
[en] Jan 26th, 2009Liking visualvm a lot, twitter message by a happy VisualVM user :o)
[en] Jan 22nd, 2009Monitoring Java Processes Running As a Windows Service, tech tip on The NetBeans Profiler Blog.
[en] Jan 14th, 2009Introduction to Java VisualVM, a screencast originally published at
[en] Jan 13th, 2009New Command-Line Options in VisualVM 1.1, feature description on The NetBeans Profiler Blog.
[en] Dec 8nd, 2008VisualVM Profiler for IntelliJ IDEA, IDE plugin by Esko Luontola.
[en] Nov 22nd, 2008VisualVM: jinfo and So Much More, getting application runtime properties by Dustin.
[en] Oct 31st, 2008VisualVM in Ubuntu 8.10, announcement on The NetBeans Profiler Blog.
[fr] Oct 22nd, 2008Diagnostic d’une JVM à distance (Diagnosis of a remote JVM), tools overview at Xebia blog.
[en] Sep 8th, 2008Setting up Sun's VisualVM on Mac OSX, short setup guide by Matthew McCullough.
[en] Aug 28th, 2008From JConsole to VisualVM, JConsole features available in VisualVM described by Dustin.
[en] Jul 31st, 2008Profiling With VisualVM, Part 2, advanced profiling described on The NetBeans Profiler Blog.
[en] Jul 29th, 2008VisualVM in IcedTea, availability announcement on Jsumali's Weblog.
[en] Jul 28th, 2008Profiling With VisualVM, Part 1, basic profiling described on The NetBeans Profiler Blog.
[en] Jul 18th, 2008Spring Rich Clients with JMX and Java VisualVM, technical article at Javalobby.
[en] Jul 17th, 2008VisualVM, Java's own monitoring, profiling and performance analysis tool, tool introduction on Java By Example.
[en] Jul 16th, 2008A look at Java's new VisualVM, tool report at The Inquirer.
[en] Jul 16th, 2008Sun Launches Java VisualVM, tool overview at Application Development Trends.
[pt] Jul 16th, 2008VisualVM - Visual profiling and monitoring of Java applications, tool overview on Tec-Life blog.
[en] Jul 16th, 2008VisualVM is a NetBeans Platform application, recognizing NetBeans Platform on Samuel Franklyn's Weblog.
[en] Jul 14th, 2008Terracotta integrates Sun's Java VisualVM, announcement by Terracotta Inc.
[de] Jul 14th, 2008Diagnosewerkzeug VisualVM mit dem Java-Update 7 veröffentlicht, detailed tool overview on
[jp] Jul 14th, 2008VisualVM, JDK6u7, VisualVM overview by Yuki Yamazaki.
[en] Jul 11th, 2008Java VisualVM is Now Bundled with JDK6 Update 7, features overview on MyTwentyFive blog.
[cn] Jul 11th, 2008Java VisualVM - Java VM visual management tool, Java VisualVM on Ubuntu Linux by Kuo ChaoYi.
[de] Jul 10th, 2008VisualVM - Profiler jetzt im JDK, VisualVM introduction by Markus Junginger.
[en] Jul 10th, 2008NetBeans Podcast Episode 44, introducing VisualVM 1.0.
[en] Jul 10th, 2008JDK 6 Update 7: Visual VM released, several Java VisualVM screenshots on Kukoo's Blog.
[en] Jul 9th, 2008Java VisualVM: All in one troubleshooting tool, tool report at Java Entrepreneur.
[en] Jul 9th, 2008VisualVM - nifty java tool, tool overview by Erlend Aakre.
[en] Jul 9th, 2008VisualVM 1.0 has been released, Ingo Rockel mentioning VisualVM release and his TDA plugin.
[en] Jul 9th, 2008VisualVM Included in Java SE 6 Update 7, Dustin mentioning VisualVM release.
[en] Jul 9th, 2008VisualVM now part of JDK, note about VisualVM by codekite.
[en] Jul 9th, 2008VisualVM - and So Part of Netbeans, Is Part of JDK 1.6 Update 7 Now, Adam Bien mentioning VisualVM release.
[en] Jul 8th, 2008JDK 6 Update 7 Available Today -- Includes Java VisualVM and VisualVM 1.0, release announcement by On The Record.
[en] Jul 8th, 2008JDK 6 Update 7 Java VisualVM and VisualVM 1.0 released, release announcement by Luis-Miguel Alventosa.
[en] Jul 8th, 2008Java VisualVM, release announcement and profiling capabilities overview by Gregg Sporar.
[en] Jul 8th, 2008VisualVM now part of the JDK set of tools, preview on Mac by Octavian Tanase.
[en] Jul 8th, 2008VisualVM 1.0 Released, release announcement on NetBeans Profiler Blog.
[en] May 29th, 2008VisualVM Sample Collection 1.0: Collection of NetBeans module samples by Geertjan Wielenga.
[de] May 20th, 2008Kennen Sie VisualVM?: VisualVM overview on Tommis Blog.
[de] May 17th, 2008VisualVM 1.0 RC: A short note about VisualVM 1.0 RC1 on Java ist auch eine Insel.
[en] May 12th, 2008Open Source Troubleshooting for Java, article about VisualVM at InfoQ.
[en] May 9th, 2008VisualVM demo at JavaOne 2008 General Session, "Extreme Innovation" video.
[en] May 8th, 2008VisualVM BOF at JavaOne 2008, presentation slides.
[en] May 7th, 2008Improving Application Performance with Monitoring and Profiling Tools, Technical Session at JavaOne 2008.
[pt] Mar 10th, 2008VisualVM, article about VisualVM by Leandro Kersting.
[en] Feb 21st, 2008VisualVM: Free and Open Source Java Troubleshooter, article about VisualVM at Javalobby.
[en] Feb 20th, 2008VisualVM - All-in-One Java Troubleshooting Tool: Note about VisualVM by Eamonn McManus.
[en] Jan 6th, 2008visualvm supports GlassFish: Short article about VisualVM on The Aquarium.
[en] Nov 16th, 2007VisualVM - NetBeans Platform powered: Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine mentioning VisualVM.
[en] Oct 17th, 2007VisualVM Tool: One of first notes about VisualVM by Kelly O'Hair.

Best Blogs From The Blogging Contest Period

This is a list of articles written during the Java VisualVM Blogging Contest period we liked the best. It doesn't exactly match the list of the announced winners since it has been compiled from all blogs we've found on the web, not just the contest participants. The articles are sorted by their release date.

[en] Jun 25th, 2009VisualVM …Saved My Day, by Pavan Kumar.
[en] Jun 24th, 2009Heap Dump and Analysis with VisualVM, by Dustin Marx.
[en] Jun 24th, 2009Thread Analysis with VisualVM, by Dustin Marx.
[en] Jun 22nd, 2009Monitoring and Profiling using VisualVM-1, by Mohammed Sanaulla.
[en] Jun 20th, 2009VisualVM, Sliver Bullet for Troubleshooting, by Di Jiang.
[en] Jun 16th, 2009VisualVM OSGi plugin, by Kiev Gama.
[en] Jun 14th, 2009VisualVM performance tuning tool, by Sebastian Pietrowski.
[en] Jun 8th, 2009Acquiring JVM Runtime Information, by Dustin Marx.
[en] May 29th, 2009JVisualVM and Clojure, by Jeff Foster.
[en] May 28th, 2009The Best Kept Secret in the JDK: VisualVM, by James Sugrue.
[en] May 25th, 2009Java VisualVM - Developer’s nightmare is over, by Taranfx.
[en] May 20th, 2009VisualVM - tool for profiling Java applications, by Jan Šmuk.
[en] May 13th, 2009Solve java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space, by Jonathan Demers.
[en] May 10th, 2009VisualVM and Cutting Method Calls by Over 1000x, by Matthew Passell.
[en] Apr 24th, 2009jvisualvm: analyzing NetBeans and beyond…, by Kristian Rink.

VisualVM 1.0 Release Announcements

[pt] Jul 10th, 2008VisualVM 1.0 launched, release announcement in Portuguese.
[de] Jul 10th, 2008Java-Update 7 bringt Monitoring-Tool VisualVM, release announcement in German.
[ru] Jul 10th, 2008Java VisualVM - profiling and debugging Java applications, release announcement in Russian.
[id] Jul 10th, 2008Sun Microsystems Release Tool Troubleshooting Java, release announcement in Indonesian.
[pl] Jul 10th, 2008VisualVM: Sun wydaje wizualne narzędzie do debugowania aplikacji w Javie, release announcement in Polish.
[cn] Jul 9th, 2008JDK 6 Update 7 release with VisualVM, release announcement in Chinese.
[fr] Jul 9th, 2008VisualVM surveille les applications Java, release announcement in French.
[jp] Jul 9th, 2008VisualVM, Java tool included in JDK6u7, release announcement in Japanese.
[es] Jul 8th, 2008Java 6 Update 7, release announcement in Spanish.
[en] Jul 8th, 2008Troubleshooting tool for Java offered, release announcement in English.
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